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Shared Toolbar and Bottom Bar Documentation

The optional Shared Space plugin makes it possible to share the same editor toolbar and bottom bar among several CKEditor instances.

Classic Editors Sharing Toolbar and Bottom Bar

For each editor instance you can define the elements that will be shared. In the example below two classic editors are combined, sharing the same toolbar and bottom bar. This is possible thanks to the config.sharedSpaces configuration setting.

Inline Editor with Shared Toolbar and Bottom Bar

Inline editors can also be configured to share the toolbar and bottom bar (it is in fact possible to use a mix of classic and inline editors together as well). One of most interesting use cases for the Shared Space plugin is the possibility of providing an improved fixed user interface for the inline editor:

Saturn V carrying Apollo 11 Apollo 11

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There are a few important benefits of using the Shared Spaces plugin to provide inline editor with fixed UI instead of using the Div Editing Area plugin for the same purpose:

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