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Mentions, Tags and Emoji Documentation

The optional Mentions and Emoji plugins, introduced in CKEditor 4.10, support inserting Mentions, tags and emojis into the editor content. Both features were built on top of the Autocomplete plugin that provides a base for smart autocompletion functionality for custom text matches based on user input.

Every time the user types the selected, pre-configured marker into the editor, available autocomplete suggestions are displayed in the dedicated dropdown and can be inserted into the content with Enter or Tab keys. Use the sample below to try out some autocomplete suggestions:

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    Charles Flores β€’ @cflores β€’ 2 hours ago

    Thanks for another #yummy recipe, @dwilliams! Makes me #hungry just looking at the photos πŸ˜‹. Definitely adding it to my TODO list for our next #mediterranean potluck.

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    Mildred Wilson β€’ @mwilson β€’ 4 hours ago

    Really appreciate the #vegetarian and #vegan variations of your recipes. So thoughtful of you! 🌱

Check the documentation for the Mentions and Emoji plugins for some customization options. Read more about the Autocomplete feature if you want to implement a custom smart completion mechanism.

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