CKEditor SDK

Magic Line Documentation

Some document elements make placing the cursor in their vicinity problematic. This pertains to, for example, images, tables or <div> elements that start or end a document, lists, or even adjacent horizontal lines.

CKEditor 4 introduced the Magic Line plugin that helps overcome these limitations. By default, this plugin is included in the Standard and Full editor distributions. It causes a red line with a handle (Magic Line handle) to appear when you hover your mouse over any such otherwise inaccessible place in an active editor. When you click the magic line's handle (or use the default Shift+Ctrl+3 and Shift+Ctrl+4 keyboard shortcut), a new paragraph will be inserted into the document.

A few configuration options are available to fine-tune this feature, including adjusting the magic line color, setting custom keyboard shortcuts, or adjusting which elements should trigger the appearance of the magic line. Refer to the Magic Line article to learn more about this feature.