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Drag and Drop Integration Documentation

The Clipboard plugin (included in all CKEditor distributions) offers, among many other features, an interface to integrate drag and drop operations with your editor. It also augments and unifies incomplete native browser support for clipboard operations, which allows to achieve better and more faithful paste results.

The sample below allows you to drag contacts from the list on the right-hand side to the inline editor on the left-hand side. They are inserted into the editor as custom widgets representing the h-card microformat.

Note that in Internet Explorer 8-9 only the photos are draggable and none of Internet Explorer versions support setting drag image.

The Annual Meeting of Fictional Characters

Technical Announcement

We hereby have the pleasure to announce that the theme of this year's meeting is "E–ink Technology and Classical Fairy Tales". As every year, the event will be hosted in The Wonderland by Alice +20 4345 234 235 and starts tomorrow at 8:00 GMT.

Speakers and Agenda



For detailed information, please contact Huckleberry Finn +48 1345 234 235.


Many thanks to Robinson Crusoe +45 2345 234 235 who kindly offered his island to the guests of the annual meeting.

Little Red Riding Hood +45 2345 234 235

List of Droppable Contacts


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